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OMPi is a lightweight, open source OpenMP compiler and runtime system for C; it takes C source code with OpenMP #pragmas and produces transformed multithreaded C code, ready to be compiled by the native compiler of the system.

If you want to cite OMPi in your work, please use the following publication:

V.V. Dimakopoulos, E. Leontiadis and G. Tzoumas, “A portable C compiler for OpenMP V.2.0”, in Proc. EWOMP 2003, 5th European Workshop on OpenMP, Aachen, Germany, Sept. 2003, pp. 5–11

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Documentation pages

Internals (outdated)

Below you can find documentation about the internal workings of OMPi. The guides are suitable for developers that want to modify OMPi in some way, e.g. its source-to-source translator and/or its runtime libraries.

Please notice that the documentation below is not quite up-to-date but should nevertheless be useful. You may contact the team for further inquiries.

  • » Information about the source-to-source translator of OMPi:
  • » Threading libraries in OMPi & how to write your own threading libraries:
  • » How OMPi runtime library handles worksharing regions:
  • » Details on the parts of the support for the OpenMP for-directive: