application-specific papers

Important note: The pdf documents below are author-generated versions of the manuscripts, provided for fair academic use. In every case, links are provided to the original (published) versions of the articles, which are copyright of the respective publisher.

  • S.V. Margariti, V.V. Dimakopoulos, “On probabilistic flooding search over unstructured peer-to-peer networks”, Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, Vol. 8, No. 3, May 2015, pp. 447--458
    PDF, Original @ Springer

  • P.E. Hadjidoukas, C. Voglis, V.V. Dimakopoulos, I.E. Lagaris, D.G. Papageorgiou, “Supporting adaptive and irregular parallelism for non-linear numerical optimization”, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Vol. 231, Mar. 2014, pp. 544--559

  • M. Bozga, G. Chasapis, V.V. Dimakopoulos, A. Aggelis, “Image Processing: Object Recognition”, in Smart Multicore Embedded Systems, M. Torquati, K. Bertels, S. Karlsson, F. Pacull eds., Springer Science+Business Media, New York, 2013, pp. 139--157
    Original @ Springer

  • P.E. Hadjidoukas, C. Voglis, V.V. Dimakopoulos, I.E. Lagaris, D.G. Papageorgiou, “High-performance numerical optimization on multicore clusters”, in Proc. Euro-Par 2011, 17th Int'l Euro-Par Conference on Parallel Processing, Bordeaux, France, Aug. 2011, pp. 353--364
    PDF, Original @ Springer

  • C. Voglis, P..E. Hadjidoukas, V.V. Dimakopoulos, I.E. Lagaris, “Task-parallel global optimization with application to protein folding”, in Proc. HPCS 2011, Int'l Conference on High Performance Computing and Simulation, Istanbul, Turkey, July 2011, pp. 186--192
    PDF, Original @ IEEE Xplore

  • V.V. Dimakopoulos, S. Margariti, M. Ntetsika, E. Pitoura, “Data Replication in P2P systems”, in Handbook of Research on P2P and Grid Systems for Service-Oriented Computing: Models, Methodologies and Applications, N. Antonopoulos, G. Exarchakos, A. Liotta, M. Li eds., IGI Global, ISBN: 978-1-61520-686-5, 2010, pp. 589--615
    PDF, Chapter DOI

  • P.E. Hadjidoukas, V.V. Dimakopoulos, M. Delakis, C. Garcia, “A high-performance face detection system using OpenMP”, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, Vol. 21, No. 15, Oct. 2009, pp. 1819--1837
    PDF, Original @ Wiley

  • P.E. Hadjidoukas, V.V. Dimakopoulos, “Support and Efficiency of Nested Parallelism in OpenMP Implementations”, in Concurrent and Parallel Computing: Theory, Implementation and Applications, A.S. Becker eds., Nova Publishers, N.Y., ISBN: 978-1-60456-274-3, 2008, pp. 185--204
    PDF, Book URL

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  • V.V. Dimakopoulos, A. Kinalis, E. Pitoura and I. Tsoulos, “On Deploying and Executing Data-Intensive Code on Smart Autonomous Storage (SmAS) Disks”, in Proc. ADBIS-DASFAA 2000, Int'l Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, Springer LNCS 1884, Prague, Czech Republic, Sept. 2000, pp. 323--330
    PDF, Original at Springer