Diploma theses of Aggelos and Christos

On the previous two Thursdays (Oct. 17 and Oct. 24, 2019), Aggelos Kosintzis and Christos Karampeazis-Papadakis presented successfully their Diploma Theses. Aggelos surveyed benchmarking tools and suites related to OpenMP while Chris worked on HOMPI, our hybrid MPI/OpenMP task-based framework.… [ read more ]

Diploma theses of Ilias and Ilias

On Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018, Ilias Kasmeridis and Ilias Kleftakis (aka Ilias squared) presented successfully their Diploma Theses. Ilias Kasmeridis worked on our compiler-assisted runtime support infrastructure while Ilias Kleftakis built a new module which treats any node in … [ read more ]

S.V. Margariti PhD thesis

On Friday, 19 May 2017, Spiridoula Margariti completed successfully her PhD defense. Spiridoula studied blind search in complex and dynamic networks, both analytically and experimentally. She derived general bounds and estimations on unavoidable search overheads. She designed a comprehensive simulation … [ read more ]

S. Agathos PhD thesis

On Friday, April 15th, Spiros-Dimitiris Agathos completed successfully his PhD defence. Spiros architected the tasking subsystem of the OMPi compiler. His work also produced novel tasking techniques applicable to UMA and NUMA platforms, and general OpenMP support for embedded … [ read more ]

Server crash

In a streak of bad luck and bad timing, a number of hard disks died on us; as a result our web server went down irrevocably, and more importantly a lot of content was lost. The new version of the … [ read more ]